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Olive LeafThe Meaning Behind Champ’s Logo—The Olive Branch

The olive branch has always been symbol of peace and reconciliation, beginning with the Biblical account given in Genesis 8:11, where a dove returns to Noah's ark bearing an olive branch as a sign that the Flood was subsiding. Olive branches were also symbols of peace in Ancient Greece and Rome, and they continue to be used in various works of art to suggest peace.

For some persons, inner peace is elusive, and many seek to find it through behaviors that lead to additions. Alcoholism, drug abuse, gambling, and pornography are all indications of a person trying to find peace the best way they know how. 

Champ's Counseling Center believes it takes an immense amount of courage and risk for each client to admit wrongdoing and regret.  Therefore, when clients walk through our door, we like to extend an olive branch to each one. We have hope and faith that, through our programs, they will find the inner peace that leads to freedom from addiction and destructive behaviors.

For many, the ability to maintain long-term relationships without conflict and uncontrolled anger is their greatest challenge. Like a broken record, the same destructive behaviors repeat themselves over and over, relationship after relationship, with little hope of breaking the cycle on their own. Champ's Counseling Center understands the hurt, the anger, and the shame that anger issues can cause. Through our anger-management program, we patiently assist clients with overcoming the shame of yesterday and with developing the skills to deal constructively with conflict in the future.

Yes, the olive branch has long symbolized peace and hope. That is why Christa Graves and the entire staff at Champ's Counseling Center of Graham extends the olive branch to every new client—because we have a long history of helping our clients learn how to live peaceful lives, free of addiction and anger.

Champ’s—giving every client hope for a peaceful and productive life!

Champs History

Champ's Counseling Center was started by Christa Graves on July 2, 2012 as a walk of faith. Following employment with three law enforcement agencies and work in probation, parole, social services, and Judicial Services, Christa realized that her true calling was not one of punishing those who have gone astray, but in helping them to develop the social skills needed to make a better path for themselves.

Christa, and the knowledgeable and compassionate staff at Champ's Counseling Center, believes in the power of hope to change lives. That is why we not only hope our clients will successfully complete our programs and live better lives as a result, we also believe in our clients so that they can have hope for themselves.

Since our humble beginning, Champ's Counseling Center has helped hundreds of clients break the chains of addition, and to be set free from anger. And we can help you do the same.

Hebrews 11: 1 says, "Now FAITH is being SURE of what we HOPE for and CERTAIN of what we cannot SEE." Not only is Champ's Counseling Center an example of that verse fulfilled, but so are the lives of those we have helped. Let us help you find the faith and hope you need, today, to see a brighter tomorrow.

B.W. —

"Christa Graves will get you results. She sets clear, high expectations and does what it takes to get them for you. Christa is very knowledgeable and has outstanding communication skills. She is an excellent presenter, knows her material and adjusts her presentations for each audience. She is very flexible and very consistent. She is the best."

Program Graduate —

"Thank you very much for seeing me as a person—a normal, good person who made a mistake, but is working hard to become emotionally healthy for myself and others.

When I first came in, I was extremely guarded, ashamed, and torn inside. And you, Ms. Graves, were compassionate, honest and empathetic. I will never forget your kindness."

J.B. —

"I have been a good example of what not to do for friends and family. I used to be the guy, 'Oh, I won't het caught; I'm fine to drive!' But since my DWI, I have completely changed my outlook. I have learned so much from the course that I catch myself talking to others about things I've learned."

24 Hour Crises Hotline

Alamance/Caswell Access Line:
711 then 1-888-543-1444

National Suicide Prevention/Veterans Crisis:
Toll Free: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)
TTY: 1-800-799-4TTY (4889)